Source code access

Stable release

Cntlm Subversion repository resides at

You can stay up to date with stable release cycle using this RSS feed:

and to download any particular release, use:

$ svn co$VERSION cntlm-$VERSION

If you are lazy (or a script, for that matter:), you can use the following, rather clumsy, one-liner to get the latest version automagically:

$ u=; v=`svn ls $u | tail -1`; svn co $u/$v `echo $v | sed 's/release/cntlm/'`

Development release

Please note that for short periods of time, the trunk (development) version might not work properly or not even compile; still, if you know what you are doing, use:

$ svn co cntlm

You can also get a specific revision of the repository:

$ svn -r <rev_num> co cntlm

To keep up with the lightning fast development :o), there's an RSS feed with the trunk changelog: